Being a huge supporter of always go natural first, my mission became to find holistic alternatives for health. The journey started with researching healing herbs and oils. Seeing the amazing benefits, it gave to my family and friends, oils became, and still is my #1 go to for life's ailments. Essential Oils (E.O.'s), are worldly known throughout history to have lots of Antiviral, Antibacterial, Antimicrobial and Antiseptic properties. These properties fight germs and bacteria, promotes healing to wounds and via their anti- inflammatory power, can relieve pain. Aromatherapy can relax and calm moods via the bodies ol factory bulb.

In 2020, hand sanitizer became a hot commodity. But there was a problem with most of the hand sanitizers on the market. They are drying to the skin, and some leave a strong alcoholic smell. My mission was to change the hand sanitizer to be non-chemical using all pure and natural ingredients. It also had to be healthy for the skin and body. Remember skin is a porous organ. What you put on your skin can have an effect on the inner body. Our brand is a first of its kind. Fights viral germs and bacteria, has no strong chemical residue, doesn't dry out skin, can heal via aromatherapy, and has an earth made scent. All boxes checked. It should be on everyone's hands.